About us

About Us

For over forty-five years since the launch of Al-Falah Motor Company in Saudi Arabia, it has resulted in a clear development that has turned into a big name, which now occupies a prominent position in the forefront of car distributors in the Kingdom.
The beginning was in 1968. As the beginnings are always small, we started with a few cars that were our first planting, and now we are reaping the fruits. We have become thanks to God of the names that depend on them, whether individuals or the private sector and government. We have a network of branches spread throughout the Kingdom.

Since its establishment, Al Falah Motors has been able to establish itself as a leading brand that provides quality and credibility to its customers to earn their trust and maintain it. Over time, the company has become a distinctive name in the automotive world. We have developed our legal entity to keep pace with the volume of business to become a closed joint stock company.

Recognizing that the relationship with the client does not end at the moment of completion of the sale process, but starting from it and out of our desire to establish the principle of trust and customer satisfaction through the application of the highest standards of quality and excellence in the delivery of services by selecting the highest competencies to provide the best services to our customers and private sector And government departments.

Al Falah Branches

Al Falah
Main Branch

Address:   Riyadh, 7992 Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Abdul Latif bin Abdulrahman, Al Manar
Phone:  0118260000
Fax:  0112300800

Al Falah
El Shifa Branch

Address:   Riyadh,Hebron Bin Ahmed Street, Shifa
Phone:  0118260000
Fax:  0114229810

Al Falah
Jeddah Branch

Address:  Al-Jawhara District,
Phone:  0118260000
Fax:  0126237252